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The Salt Project

The Wami SaltWorks Project has been established and is being promoted by DL Shipping company with its location at Kitame Village in Bagamoyo District. Salt is a mineral composed of sodium and chlorine. Neither can it exist alone in natural form. Together, they form the chemical compound that is sodium chloride. Salt, or sodium chloride, occurs naturally all over the Earth. The Earth’s ocean water is 2.7 percent salt, and huge underground deposits of solid salt are located in many locations around the world. There is so much salt found underground and in saline waters that the supply is almost inexhaustibleSafely getting the salt out of the earth and converting it into useful products is a big challenge.

The project will involve construction of a modern salt processing plant including dyke works, installation of crystallizers, new pumps, salt washing and salt iodizing components. The project will take place at the existing plant in Kitame , 56 kilometres North of Bagamoyo town along the Indian ocean coast.

The objective of the project is to expand and modernise its business of producing table and industrial salt. The expansion and modernisation is anticipated to increase the company's business volume from the current average production of 1000 tons of unprocessed salt a year to 15000 tons of processed table and industrial salt.

The project aims at expansion and modernising the current plant with an intension of increasing production and competitiveness in the salt industry and to take advanntage of large market that exists in Tanzania the neighbouring countries.

The experience in logistics management provides an added advantage in managing the salt industry which involves a lot of logistics, from excavation to crystallizing to drying , warehousing and transporting.


The project will adapt a modern technology for processing salt and for iodising table salt. After raw salt has been extracted and separated for industrial and domestic use, production will be through a solar system known as pond system. The system involves construction of a series of large evaporating ponds separated by dykes, which keeps brine separated into different stages and to prevent flooding between ponds. The Ponds which are made using dredges about 1.5 - 2.5 metres high  allows the sea water to enter through flood gates during the high tide season without pumping. Three series of ponds are identifiable namely reservoirs, condensers and crystallizers

 The Projects’s vision

Wami Salt Works Project Vision is that of being "The Largest manufacturer of top quality edible and industrial Salt producer Inclusive Business in Tanzania and the East and Central Africa that will meet fully the demand in the local market as well as for export to neighbouring countries".

The Project's Mission

To build a reputable and strong salt manufacturing company that will ensure availability of quality edible and industrial salt products, reduce importation of salt products, generate employment locally thereby contributing significantly to the social and economic development of the country.



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